The Technology behind the Evolution of Shopping.

The Technology behind the Evolution of Shopping.

Understanding what makes life simpler, easier and better for users (be it persons or businesses) is the prerequisite to create compelling and engaging user experiences for them. Starting from the user’s daily life and journey offers a natural way to identify user tasks whose execution can be improved. The inherent clarity of this approach makes it easier to choose the most appropriate technology to create improvements to user experience. As an example, we look at how shopping experience evolved and how technology has enabled this evolution.

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Putting Best Practices into Context.

Putting Best Practices into Context.

A best practice is an iterative execution of a method on a data set, delivering new data sets that are subsequently used to improve the method and refine the initial data set. In other words a best practice is a function of data, method, process, perpetually iterated to create more accurate data, a better method and a more optimised process. More and more, such iterations need to be executed in real-time.

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Big Data, Analytics, Actionable Business Intelligence.

Big Data, Analytics, Actionable Business Intelligence.

In the search for evidence to enable informed business decisions Big Data, Analytics and Actionable Business Intelligence are frequently used terms. In this article we look behind the terminology and what it actually means for your business.

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