Walled Garden 2.0.

Walled Garden 2.0.

There was a time when the mobile internet consisted of a collection of operator portals, which provided the entry to a preselected set of services consumers could access by entering the gates of a virtual garden. Competition was primarily focused on getting the consumer through the gate and keeping them within the portal, thus the term Walled Garden was born.

Are the Apple, Google and Facebook ecosystems becoming the Walled Gardens of Web 2.0?

Originally published on May 22, 2013. Go to full article at http://neoschronos.com/insights/walled-garden-2.0/


How great leaders inspire action.

How great leaders inspire action.

If you ever wondered what makes you like some companies, but love some others, then Simon Sinek’s timeless perspective from May 2010 will be worth watching and listening to.

Originally published on February 26, 2013. Go to the full article at http://neoschronos.com/insights/how-great-leaders-inspire-action/