2016 in Review.

2016 in Review.

Over the last 2 years Neos Chronos has successfully delivered a sizable number of thought-leading assignments on digital business models that create unfair advantage, integrated user experience models that generate a new position of growth, and scaling lean startups for sales success. Continuing the tradition started back in 2013, our in-house designers took everything we learned and created the 2016 Insights Series booklet. We are happy to share this complimentary booklet with you.

Originally published on Jan 12, 2017. Go to the full article at https://neoschronos.com/insights/2016-in-review/


3 Ways To Evaluate Disruption Potential.

3 Ways To Evaluate Disruption Potential.

In our work as advisors to startup founders, company executives and investors, we are often asked for our opinion on the disruption potential of new service and product ideas. In this article we share 3 questions we use to quickly evaluate an idea’s disruption potential and highlight where the execution and operational focus for a potential investor should be.

Originally published on Jul 28, 2016. Go to the full article at http://neoschronos.com/insights/3-ways-to-evaluate-disruption-potential/

Walled Garden 2.0.

Walled Garden 2.0.

There was a time when the mobile internet consisted of a collection of operator portals, which provided the entry to a preselected set of services consumers could access by entering the gates of a virtual garden. Competition was primarily focused on getting the consumer through the gate and keeping them within the portal, thus the term Walled Garden was born.

Are the Apple, Google and Facebook ecosystems becoming the Walled Gardens of Web 2.0?

Originally published on May 22, 2013. Go to full article at http://neoschronos.com/insights/walled-garden-2.0/

OTT Services and the Potato Revolution.

OTT Services and the Potato Revolution.

The term Over-The-Top (OTT) is used to describe a disruptive way and business model for delivering a service directly to end-users, typically bypassing a previously dominant player in the value chain. The example of the Potato Revolution in Katerini, Greece, shows that OTT does not only apply to internet companies.

Originally published on April 16, 2013. Go the full article at http://neoschronos.com/insights/ott-services-and-the-potato-revolution/