A Primer to selecting Advisors, Coaches and Mentors.

A Primer to selecting Advisors, Coaches and Mentors.

Starting up, running, growing and exiting a business are all new experiences for those on their first entrepreneurial journey. It comes to no surprise that at some point while venturing into the unknown entrepreneurs seek to learn from experienced professionals. This article clarifies the difference between advisors, coaches and mentors, and the type of help they can provide to a business and the people working within that business.

Originally published on Nov 6, 2017. Go to the full article at https://neoschronos.com/insights/a-primer-to-selecting-advisors-coaches-and-mentors/


Soft Skills Driven Design.

Soft Skills Driven Design.

Soft skills have become the new constant in the evolving workplace, and tools that can reliably measure soft skills are a key part of the HR toolset. As AI and Big Data are being widely adopted to perform vocational tasks, the future of digital services (enterprise and consumer) lies in soft skill driven design. This new, human-centric, humanity-improving and business-benefiting approach in designing software will pave the way towards a future we, at Neos Chronos, believe is worthwhile living in.

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3 Ways To Evaluate Disruption Potential.

3 Ways To Evaluate Disruption Potential.

In our work as advisors to startup founders, company executives and investors, we are often asked for our opinion on the disruption potential of new service and product ideas. In this article we share 3 questions we use to quickly evaluate an idea’s disruption potential and highlight where the execution and operational focus for a potential investor should be.

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The practical guide to Enterprise Wi-Fi Calling.

The practical guide to Enterprise Wi-Fi Calling.

Wi-Fi Calling is expected to find wide deployment beyond the US over the course of 2015. Beside consumers, enterprises have a lot to benefit from the new communication access channel. In this article we summarise how enterprises should approach Wi-Fi Calling, compare native to application-based approaches, and provide practical advice on how to choose the right implementation for small, medium and large enterprises.

Originally published on Feb 03, 2015. Go to the full article at http://neoschronos.com/insights/the-practical-guide-to-enterprise-wifi-calling/

How iTunes could disrupt Mobile Device Management.

How iTunes could disrupt Mobile Device Management.

Realistic fiction scenarios is a method we use in strategy development to inspire new thinking. The approach is fairly simple and thus highly effective: based on technologically and practically feasible assumptions, we employ fictional scenarios to synthesize future use cases. These use cases are then used to highlight and motivate what a business need to do in a specific version of the future to retain market control and / or become more competitive.

We illustrate this technique in the example of iTunes.

Originally published on Dec 15, 2014. Go to the full article at http://neoschronos.com/insights/how-itunes-could-disrupt-mobile-device-management/