3 Ways To Evaluate Disruption Potential.

3 Ways To Evaluate Disruption Potential.

In our work as advisors to startup founders, company executives and investors, we are often asked for our opinion on the disruption potential of new service and product ideas. In this article we share 3 questions we use to quickly evaluate an idea’s disruption potential and highlight where the execution and operational focus for a potential investor should be.

Originally published on Jul 28, 2016. Go to the full article at http://neoschronos.com/insights/3-ways-to-evaluate-disruption-potential/


Polymorphic Service Propositions.

Polymorphic Service Propositions.

What if you could design a service proposition once and use it for multiple customer segments, meeting needs arising in different situations? Then you would have the initial ingredients of what we at Neos Chronos call a “polymorphic service proposition” (abbreviated as PSP). This article provides a quick introduction into the concept and highlights a number of reasons why a CEO, CMO, CTO of a company should care to learn more and act.

Originally published on Apr 21, 2016. Go to the full article at http://neoschronos.com/insights/polymorphic-service-propositions/

Putting Best Practices into Context.

Putting Best Practices into Context.

A best practice is an iterative execution of a method on a data set, delivering new data sets that are subsequently used to improve the method and refine the initial data set. In other words a best practice is a function of data, method, process, perpetually iterated to create more accurate data, a better method and a more optimised process. More and more, such iterations need to be executed in real-time.

Originally published on November 06, 2013. Go to the full article at http://neoschronos.com/insights/putting-best-practices-into-context/