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2013 in Review.

2013 in Review.

We love making our customers successful. This is what drives our work at Neos Chronos. As the year nears its end, we can look back at an exciting journey. We are grateful to you, our customers, for your trust in us. Thank you. As a small token of our appreciation, our in-house designers created a booklet containing all articles from the 2013 Insights Series.

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What if Privacy went Open-Source.

What if Privacy went Open-Source.

Not so long ago the title of this article would have sounded crazy. “Why would anyone make their private data freely available?” I hear you ask. The answer is that while we might have not consciously decided to do so, our private data is already out there for everyone to read. If this is the case, what would it mean making our private data open-source?

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