A Primer to Business Information Security.

A Primer to Business Information Security.

In a world where customer information and enterprise networks are under constant attack, owning and processing personal and business information requires particular attention to information security. In the case of personal information this is mandatory due to data protection legislation, in the case of business information this is critical to secure competitive advantage.

Originally published on Aug 18, 2014. Go to the full article at http://neoschronos.com/insights/a-primer-to-business-information-security/


What if Privacy went Open-Source.

What if Privacy went Open-Source.

Not so long ago the title of this article would have sounded crazy. “Why would anyone make their private data freely available?” I hear you ask. The answer is that while we might have not consciously decided to do so, our private data is already out there for everyone to read. If this is the case, what would it mean making our private data open-source?

Originally published on July 6, 2013. Go to the full article at http://neoschronos.com/insights/what-if-privacy-went-open-source/